Heritage Trails

Streetcars & the Interurban
West side of Main between 3rd & 4th Streets

Main Street in December 1876. By 1889, horses and mule-drawn cars had been replaced by the first electric trolley line in the entire Southwest. Individual companies served the north, south, east, and west sections of the city, with each building its own tracks and electric power plants. By the 1920s, consolidation had reduced duplication of facilities. Streetcars were replaced by buses in 1940. The Northern Texas Traction Co., from its headquarters in the building on this corner, began interurban service between Fort Worth and Dallas in July 1902. Passengers were transported between the two cities for 32 years. Affordability of the automobile and improved highways weakened ridership, bringing an end to this transit service in December 1934. The Trinity Railway Express introduced daily commuter rail service connecting Fort Worth and Dallas in December 2001.