Heritage Trails

Amon G. Carter, Sr. (1879-1955)
East side of Main between 5th & 6th Streets

From his arrival in Fort Worth in 1905 until his death, Amon Carter was the city’s most vigorous booster and champion. At his death, it was said that more than half of the city’s workers were employed by businesses Carter helped establish. As the owner and publisher of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Carter tirelessly promoted Fort Worth and West Texas and was responsible for the paper’s masthead, “Where the West begins.” Through his national influence, Carter brought World War I and II military bases and manufacturing plants to Fort Worth. In 1922 he established WBAP, Fort Worth’s first radio station with studios in the Blackstone Hotel. In 1948, Carter started Texas’ first TV station, WBAP Channel 5. The Amon Carter Museum, one of the nation’s premiere art museums, features his collection of Remington and Russell, as well as other American art.